What should I do if someone installs a wiretap on the car? How to prevent wiretapping?

What should I do if someone installs a wiretap on the car? How to prevent wiretapping?

The ever-changing technology is also easier to expose people’s privacy to the public’s vision. A compact VIP eavesdropping on the market is very popular. It is understood that many buyers install such eavesdropping devices on the market. , And many people have responded to our colleagues that they are afraid that their private conversations will be eavesdropped. This type of eavesdropping device can be installed in a very hidden place and is not easy to be discovered. Even many professional anti-eavesdropping devices cannot be detected. That is What's the reason? How to anti-eavesdropping when someone installs a bug on the car?

It is understood that this vip bug is only the size of a coin, which can prevent it from being in the car, or it can be attached to a certain place with a magnetic device, and what is more, it can be placed in a place that is difficult for people to detect (such as a meter). In the built-in electrical equipment), the driver’s conversation information can be recorded unconsciously. Of course, the eavesdropper can also keep the vip tracker continuously, and may also be connected to the car battery or large capacity. On the battery, this makes the threat more persistent and keeps the privacy of the eavesdropped being stolen at all times.

This kind of vip bug can be placed in a hidden place in the office or at home, such as under the desk or built-in in household electronic devices such as alarm clocks, TVs, chargers, etc., which is especially hidden. The power supply under the table may be cut off and may be unintentionally discovered, but it is not only difficult to be found when it is built into an electrical appliance, but it can also be powered directly from the electrical appliance for indefinite long-term work. Illegal tracking of vehicles, eavesdropping on conversations in vehicles, and eavesdropping on private households are illegal activities and a great threat to personal privacy, and they should arouse everyone's attention.

Why is such a bug so difficult to detect? Because it is an analog cell phone signal, it is mixed in many cell phone signals and is not easy to detect. Even if some professional testing equipment is not operated by someone who is familiar with wireless signals, it may be ineffective. When the eavesdropper is in a different place The phone card number in the eavesdropper will start to work. The surrounding sounds are transmitted to the eavesdropper through the mobile phone signal. The eavesdropper can also track and locate the vehicle through GPS location information. It is always threatening people's normal work and life.

For such a hidden eavesdropping device, should it be blocked?
Here is a recommendation for a signal jammer, which can interfere with the signal, make the eavesdropper unable to receive the signal, and prevent him from eavesdropping.

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