U.S. law still limits the use of jammers

U.S. law still limits the use of jammers

New York City-Café customers tired of talking on their cell phones are sitting in a happy bubble, and nearby customers are confused about the crash. A person tried to take a secret snapshot with a camera phone, but the screen went blank. The minister gave his church a new kind of energy-electromagnetic force-to calm his sermons and prevent them from beeping, chiing, or belling. These give you a glimpse of the quiet gadget wars around the world. When millions of people realize the freedom of mobile communications, some people and businesses are advancing over time. They fight technology and technology, using detectors, signal blocker, etc. to protect privacy, security, and sometimes mental health.

Mobile phone interference is banned in the United States, but foreign companies are selling pocket jammers online on eBay, the military and government are already using such devices, and the wireless struggle already exists. I am. Jeff Cagan, an independent telecommunications analyst based in Atlanta, said: "It's like a battle between a radar detector and a radar cannon. It's escalating." He said the demand for such equipment was due to the "double-edged sword" being triggered. He states: "The inventor of mobile phones did not think that people would use mobile phones to affect the privacy of others." "The inventor of mobile phones with cameras was a dressing room or other inappropriate. I never thought of using a cell phone with a camera in the place. "Interference with a cell phone (basically a radio) is relatively easy. Interference usually interferes with the communication between the cell phone and the cell phone tower by flooding the entire area or selectively blocking the signal by transmitting at the same frequency as the phone.

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Some GPS jammer may need to be as smart as a cell phone to improve performance or jump to other radio channels to avoid interference. Interfering devices can interfere with communications within a few meters or kilometers, depending on their strength. Commercial jammers have been sold abroad for many years, and even some internet posts contain instructions for creating homemade models. The Federal Communications Commission prohibits people in the United States from manufacturing, selling, operating, or importing radio-interfering devices. Violations of the Telecommunications Act 70 years ago will result in imprisonment of up to one year and a fine of $ 11,000 for each violation. However, FCC officials said there were few complaints about cell phone jams and that they had never taken action against anyone because of the injury.

Interference industry experts find it difficult (if not impossible) for callers to distinguish between interference signals and the dead zone of a regular cell phone, so low-power equipment used by individuals may be retaliated. I pointed out that it was low. Analyst Kagan said that US law still limits the use of gps jammers and the distribution of jammers to consumers. The radio industry states that jamming devices can harm the public. Travis Larson, a spokesman for the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, said: If these calls are blocked, doctors can accidentally call the hospital or parents can miss a babysitter's emergency call. "

Larson said customers would need to use "mute buttons, volume control, vibration mode, voicemail, on / off buttons" as needed to reduce the hassle of using mobile phones. rice field. He is B, despite the warning sign. He said it's still dangerous to disturb certain places that might silence people like cinema. He states: "Interferers can invade other adjacent frequency bands and block public security radio signals used by police and firefighters." However, for safety reasons, polite advice and law can interfere with people. It does not prevent you from purchasing the equipment.

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