The Ministry of Transport has recorded multiple incidents involving unauthorized jammers

The Ministry of Transport has recorded multiple incidents involving unauthorized jammers

Up to 20 ships were reportedly affected by the GPS disruption in the Black Sea on June 22, 2017. Although the information in the report was not confirmed, the alert was issued through the Maritime Safety Administration's Maritime Safety Communication portal to remind seafarers to exercise caution.

The Navigation Center (NAVCEN) encourages seafarers to review the Coast Guard's Maritime Safety Alert 01-16 to understand damage reporting procedures and the actions they should take to mitigate the effects of damage.

While the Department of Transportation is responsible for handling the U.S. government's civil flight crew issues, the Coast Guard has long supported them in that role by running the Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC) and collecting wifi jammer. Most of the work was done by the USCG Navigation Center in Alexandria, Virginia. The recent GPS outages and Coast Guard concerns about the safety of the maritime network (GPS outages being one of them) seem to have attracted increasing attention.

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The malfunction indicators of the positioning system include intermittent signals, no signals, or error signals. Important information to consider during a power outage includes the location, time, and time of the outage.

You must report the interruption or suspected malfunction of the GPS jammer to NAVCEN immediately. The report is distributed to the US Air Force GPS Operations Center and the Federal Aviation Administration to try to identify the problem and correlate it to other GPS events in the same geographic location. Depending on the severity of the report, NAVCEN can forward it to law enforcement authorities and / or other federal authorities for further investigation.

Interruptions (or other navigational hazards or assisted navigation interruptions) can be reported electronically to NAVCEN via the NAVCEN website or 24 hours a day at 703-313-5900.

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