GPS jammer prevents GPS or a GPS tracker from connecting to satellites!

GPS jammer prevents GPS or a GPS tracker from connecting to satellites!

What is a GPS Jammer? How does a GPS blocker work?

A GPS jammer is a small device that operates on the same frequency as GPS satellites. The satellite signal is disturbed by the jammer and a navigation system or GPS tracker can therefore no longer orient itself. They are practically blind and do not know where they are. If you don't know where you are, you can't tell anyone.

Since the satellites are several kilometers away and the GPS jammer is located directly in the car, it naturally requires very little transmission power to superimpose the satellite signals. The output is on the order of milliwatts. The field of action is also limited, since the interference does not extend beyond 5 to 10 meters.

Car thieves used GPS jammers to outwit high-grade vehicles with their built-in GPS security system. In addition to GPS, more modern systems also use the mobile phone network (and other frequencies) so that if the GPS fails it can still be located.

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There are also LTE or GSM jammers to disrupt the mobile phone network, but the industry is constantly working on security and therefore also uses frequencies that it does not speak out loud.

In today's world, GPS jammer are used more by individuals to ensure that a GPS tracker that can be attached to the vehicle becomes ineffective. Most GPS trackers are purchased by spouses on suspicion of cheating. Companies also equip their vehicles with GPS to see in real time where employees are. GPS jammers are also used in these vehicles (prohibited).

If you follow the advertisements of car manufacturers, you have certainly noticed that cars with built-in GPS tracking are advertised. Such systems should help to find the car in the parking lot. More and more cars are factory-built with GPS tracking.

I could well imagine that a lot of people don't want to reveal their location. Especially since such systems are actually nonsense, because if you are a "forgotten parking lot" you just use your smartphone and mark the location of your car in Google Maps - it does not require a permanently installed system in the car.

However, it has been shown over the years that there is an "antidote" for every security system / surveillance device!
There are bug detectors against bug devices (bugs), GPS jammers against GPS trackers and laser jammers, light barrier detectors and radar detectors for speed cameras. There are also ways for smartphones that still transmit even when turned off - wrapped in foil, they can no longer send or receive. You can also use LTE / UMTS / GSM jammers (prohibited) to prevent the smartphone from connecting to the next transmission tower.

What is interesting about the GPS blocker / jammer from Gearbest is its very compact design and the fact that the Chinese gadget is simply inserted into the cigarette lighter.

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