Will the communication base station affect the full-band signal jammer?

Will the communication base station affect the full-band signal jammer?

A mysterious figure that has been frequently active in major examination rooms recently. I believe that many people do not know its true face. It is a kind of good helper that has been vigorously promoted in the school's large and small examinations, which can effectively eliminate and prevent cheating—— Full-band signal jammer.

Now is the time for the college entrance examination, and many schools are looking for a batch of higher-performance full-band signal blocker to ensure a stable order in the examination room during the college entrance examination.

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But what many people don't know is that there is one thing that may affect the effect of the full-band signal jammer. This is a question that needs to be considered in the examination room. It is the base station, because the appearance of the base station will affect the effect of the full-band signal jammer. Of course, this refers to within 500 meters near the examination room. If it is outside 500 meters, it will not be affected. As for why it will be affected, It is because the base station itself has a strong magnetic field, and the strength of the magnetic field will affect the shielding effect of the full-band signal jammer, so when it is put into use in the examination room, you might as well use it first to check the actual shielding range. How much, and then decide how many full-band signal jammers are needed based on the actual data. This requires attention, otherwise some places will not be shielded. However, regardless of whether the full-band signal jammer will be affected or not, a more professional full-band signal jammer with superior performance is a must.

In order for you to operate the equipment proficiently as soon as possible, we have provided a detailed user manual, from which you can obtain knowledge about product introduction, usage methods, system settings, and safety precautions.

The UAV anti-aircraft gun has passed the strict certification of the Ministry of Public Security's Safety and Police Electronic Equipment Quality Inspection Center, Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center, and Electromagnetic Leakage Emission Protection Product Inspection Center.

We are very careful and rigorous when compiling this manual, and believe that the information provided in the manual is correct and reliable, but there will inevitably be errors and omissions, please bear with us and warmly welcome your corrections.

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