Talk about drone defense system

Talk about drone defense system

What is a drone defense system? As the name implies, it is to interfere with and prevent a series of harmful equipment such as drones. What methods are usually used by UAV defense systems?

The drone defense system uses radar to detect some small drones that cause trouble. When drones, birds or some low-flying objects appear within the radar detection range, the radio frequency signal pulses sent will be sent back to the drones. In the human-machine defense system, the received echo will be distinguished by an algorithm whether it is a drone. The UAV defense system can also scan the operating frequencies of most known UAVs, and determine whether there are UAVs within the protection range according to the frequency band signals used by UAVs. In most cases, the jamming and blocking of GPS navigation signals in the defense area by drone jammer is the main means of UAV defense systems, which indirectly destroys the satellite links used by UAVs, making the perpetrators and "black Fly" UAV briefly lost contact. Once the drone that caused the accident lost its GPS signal location, it can only hover, land or return.

Full Band WiFi Jammer 2.4GHZ/5.2GHZ/5.8GHZ U Disk

Most of the above methods are used to counter drones, of course there are many, such as: controlling the flight of drones by hijacking the communication signals of drones, the current technology is not mature enough; using laser weapons to attack foreign drones Destruction, which has low accuracy and high cost, is not recommended. Generally speaking, the use of UAV defense system The UAV industry is slowly on the right track, and the UAV defense system is used reasonably in order to reduce the harm caused by "black flying" UAVs.

In order for you to operate the equipment proficiently as soon as possible, we have provided a detailed user manual, from which you can obtain knowledge about product introduction, usage methods, system settings, and safety precautions.

The UAV anti-aircraft gun has passed the strict certification of the Ministry of Public Security's Safety and Police Electronic Equipment Quality Inspection Center, Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center, and Electromagnetic Leakage Emission Protection Product Inspection Center.

We are very careful and rigorous when compiling this manual, and believe that the information provided in the manual is correct and reliable, but there will inevitably be errors and omissions, please bear with us and warmly welcome your corrections.

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