What are the aspects of the UAV jammer countermeasure system when it is used?

What are the aspects of the UAV jammer countermeasure system when it is used?

At present, drones are mechanical devices that are often seen in people's lives at this stage, and are widely used in various fields. It can even be used in some unique places, like touring. Now is the economic era of online short videos. In order to obtain rights, some people use drones to shoot concert content, then produce and distribute it, and make huge profits from it. Therefore, many people choose the uav jammercountermeasure system. What are the main aspects of the drone countermeasure system?

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In some areas, safety hazards caused by unmanned aerial vehicles will appear at any time, and there is no fixed time. In order to ensure that the content of large-scale activities such as concerts will not be leaked in advance, a "no-fly zone" can be set up using the drone countermeasure system. Send wireless signals to the "Black Fly" UAV in the "no-fly zone" to make it forced to land. Can save a lot of manpower input. In addition, the safety of the performers can be guaranteed to a large extent. The UAV countermeasure system can also be applied to other organizations or security units. The drone jammer countermeasure system makes the drone return home or land on the road, and can no longer use equipment such as cameras.

Since the UAV must use wireless signal transmission, the UAV countermeasure system can be used to counter the UAV, making the UAV out of control and unable to drive further into the protected area, so as to achieve UAV countermeasures. purpose.

The two parties will work together to accelerate the evolution of 5G NR test and measurement solutions (including 5G network and user equipment emulation solutions that were launched earlier), including early R&D testing in the ecosystem and verification and performance testing of equipment and networks during actual deployment. KT will also use Keysight's 5G NR software solutions throughout the product design cycle, taking advantage of its advanced capabilities such as simulation, signal generation and analysis. In addition, Keysight's solution for the evolved 4G configuration provides features such as multi-band, multi-carrier aggregation and higher-order MIMO, which can help Korea Telecom transition from 4G to 5G signals more smoothly.

Jeon Hongbeam, executive vice president of the Infrastructure Laboratory of Korea Telecom Convergence Technology Research Institute, said: "We are very pleased to cooperate with Keysight, because its leading 5G test and measurement expertise and solutions will enable us to be more efficient, More reliable implementation of commercial deployment solutions."

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