Why does the mobile phone still have a signal after turning on the full-band jammer?

Why does the mobile phone still have a signal after turning on the full-band jammer?

When some customers use the full-band jammer again, they often encounter such a situation. After the full-band cell phone blocker is powered on and enters the working state, the mobile phone can no longer communicate, but there are still signal bars displayed on the screen. This is because although the mobile phone can receive the signal of the base station, the signal is not enough to ensure the normal communication and flow of the mobile phone to the Internet. When the mobile phone full-band jammer is turned on, it will send a signal to interfere with all nearby wireless communication signals. , including mobile networks and Wi-Fi networks. However, even if it is interfering with nearby signals, a signal icon may still appear on the phone's display.

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This is because the strength of the cell phone signal is not the same as the impact of interference. The power of the interfering signal may be higher than that of the mobile network signal, but because the interfering signal is not sent by the base station, the mobile phone can still receive the mobile network signal, although its strength may be reduced. Also, phones will usually try to connect to available signals within their reception range, even if the signal is weak.

So even with the full-band jammer turned on, the phone may still show a signal, but that signal may become more erratic or weaker, possibly resulting in poor communication or a complete drop of the connection. That's why in some cases, such as military, government agencies, or security-sensitive settings, it may be necessary to use other types of equipment to completely jam or block wireless communication signals. , The number of signal bars displayed on the mobile phone is false. When you make a call or use data to surf the Internet, you will find that the number of signal bars on the phone will disappear accordingly.

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