What fields should UAV jammer systems be applied in the future?

What fields should UAV jammer systems be applied in the future?

The drone industry is developing rapidly, and the number of people using drones is increasing. The use of different people causes the drone to be in a wrong position, and we must take effective methods to control it so as not to cause property damage. The emergence of the drone jammer system will solve most of the UAV problems.

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The drone jammer system fights against drones, first finds the drone, then locates the location of the drone, and then prevents the drone from receiving external signals through electromagnetic interference to the drone. How to spot a drone? For example, radar and radio can monitor the existence of drones through the frequency band, and even if they encounter obstacles, they can find drones through obstacles. However, the radio cannot detect the route planned by the drone in advance. In this case, the drone is in a silent flight, and the corresponding frequency band for transmission will be different. The UAV jammer system will change the way to detect UAVs. The current radar identification function and photoelectric tracking are another method of sanctioning UAVs. When a UAV is detected by radio and radar, UAV electromagnetic interference or tracking and interception will be carried out to ensure that UAV interference can be accurately located for day and night target monitoring.

The drone frequency bands are 1.5G and 5.8G respectively. Since there are also drones with different frequency bands, the drone jammer system must have multi-band drone electromagnetic interference technology. After the UAV has passed to determine its position, it must carry out effective UAV electromagnetic interference, that is, UAV interference. The attack mode of a UAV jammer system usually assumes the presence of blocking jamming, that is, signal jamming. The equipment for drone interference is mainly to transmit directional radio frequency signals to the target drone. The drone interferes with the hardware or disconnects the information transmission between the drone and the controller, forcing the drone to land or leave safely.

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