How to choose a special mobile phone signal jammer for the exam?

How to choose a special mobile phone signal jammer for the exam?

In order to better supervise students and prevent students from cheating in exams, some schools will choose to install special mobile phone signal jammers for exams, so how to choose when buying? Are there any issues to consider? The following points are a few conditions that come to mind from a personal point of view, and I hope they can be of reference to you:

1. When purchasing a special mobile phone wifi jammer for the test, you should ask clearly about the coverage and power of the test room jammer. If possible, it is best to test the field signal. Compared with the environment, the impact on the test room jammer is quite large. If the nearby base stations are densely distributed and the signal is relatively strong, the power of the test room jammer can be increased to achieve the shielding effect.

2. For some jammers, the signal shielded by the test mobile phone signal jammer may be better. Generally speaking, the test room jammer has a targeted shielding of mobile phone signals, and the effect is relatively better. Due to the different policies of each place, some base stations do not support 5G signals. Naturally, the test room jammer does not require a 5G module, which can save part of the cost. If it is not needed for the time being, it is necessary to consider whether it is possible to install a 5G module on the mobile phone signal jammer for the test in the future for minor upgrades.

3. Whether the test room jammer purchased through formal channels, whether there is company name, brand, certificate of conformity, warranty card, three guarantees, test report and other information, is there any guarantee for later service? Whether the actual power of the product is consistent with the parameters, and whether the quality is passed.

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4. Frequency range: The frequency range of mobile phones used in different countries and regions may be different, so you need to choose a jammer suitable for your region.

5. Power: The higher the power of the jammer, the larger its coverage, but the easier it is to be detected and interfere with other surrounding devices. Therefore, choosing the proper power is crucial.

6. Size and weight: Considering the portability, you may want to choose a device that is light and easy to carry.

7. Battery life: Considering that jammers use batteries, you'll want to choose a device with a long battery life to ensure it remains available when needed.

Once the test room jammer is obtained, it is best to use professional equipment to detect it. If you don't have a professional machine, then use several mobile phones of different operators, models, and brands to test repeatedly to ensure that it is correct.

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