Why does the factory need to install a full-band signal jammer

Why does the factory need to install a full-band signal jammer

With the use of mobile phones becoming more and more popular, the number of mobile users in China has exceeded 900 million a few years ago. The current automatic functions of mobile phones continue to expand. In addition to basic voice calls and short messages, they also enjoy digital cameras, surveillance More application functions such as camera, recorder, Internet access, etc. The application of these smart phones has greatly facilitated the exchange and communication between people, facilitated the carrier of information, and enriched people's lives. The disadvantages brought about, for example, in the production workshop or assembly line of some large factory enterprises:

So why install a full-band signal blocker in the factory:
1. When workers are in production, they often stop their work to answer the phone or reply to the text message due to a sudden phone call or text message.
2. Although some factories or enterprises require workers not to use mobile phones during work, there will always be unconscious people who take the opportunity to secretly use mobile phones.
3. Some workshops require a quiet operating environment, which often disturbs the working environment and affects the normal work of others due to a sudden ringtone from someone.
4. On some assembly lines, an employee answering a call or looking at a mobile phone will cause the continuity of the entire assembly line operation and affect the production efficiency.
5. The production and processing process, processing technology, and product information of some enterprises belong to the enterprise's commercial secrets, but at any time, individual employees with ulterior motives may use the functions of smartphones to take pictures and video cameras to easily leak the confidential information. vent.
6. There are also some chemical companies that are explosion-proof and flame-proof products, and they must strictly restrict and eliminate the use of mobile phones in the factory area.

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To sum up, the widespread use of mobile phones is a double-edged sword. The benefits brought by mobile phones need not be expressed too much, but for some special occasions, the use of mobile phones should be restricted or even prohibited. In some special places, such as factories and workshops, the use of mobile phones is restricted. According to the traditional enumeration of rules and regulations, personnel supervision, and punishment systems, it is impossible to completely eradicate and eliminate the excessive use of mobile phones. At present, it is more feasible from the perspective of technical products. The way is to install a full-band signal jammer or a full-band signal jammer system at an appropriate location in the factory area. Each full-band signal jammer can cover a certain range, and these coverage areas are formed into areas in the form of a cellular network. Coverage to achieve complete signal shielding of large areas.
The current mobile phone signal shielding project has been able to do it, for all types of mobile phone signals on the market: GSM (China Mobile, China Unicom), CDMA, DCS (1800MHz), PSH (Little Smart), 3G (including TD, WCDMA, CDMA200) , 4G, 5G, etc. are all effectively shielded. If the customer also needs to increase the shielding of WIFI and Bluetooth, it can also be added.

At present, the mainstream full-band signal jammer manufacturers usually work in two ways:
1. Simply install a full-band signal jammer to achieve the most basic mobile phone signal shielding function.
2. The method of full-band signal jammer + intelligent control system is the most intelligent mobile phone shielding solution in the same industry in China. It can realize remote and centralized control of any one or a group of full-band signal shielding through a main control computer It can perform fault self-inspection, alarm, automatic timing control, unattended operation and other humanized management functions for the full-band signal jammer.

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