Under different circumstances, the choice of UAV countermeasure equipment

Under different circumstances, the choice of UAV countermeasure equipment

With the rapid development of science and technology, the threshold for using drones is getting lower and lower, followed by drone countermeasures. At present, UAV countermeasure equipment uses a variety of technology types, including laser weapon shooting down, UAV jammer, GPS decoy guidance, etc. Each type has different application places and its advantages and disadvantages in order to maximize its effect.

Laser weapons use high-energy light beams, which can effectively and quickly strike long-distance illegal intrusion drones, and use the ability to cause damage to drones in an instant. It can be paired with the positioning device to quickly track the target, so as to further realize the destruction of the "black flying" target. Destroying drones is relatively expensive, causing certain property losses. Now, the signal frequency bands used by most drones are 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz. For wireless electromagnetic signals of such signal frequencies, high-power drone jammer can be used to suppress or suppress the communication signal of the drone that caused the accident. Jamming, so that the drone cannot detect the data signal, forcing it to leave on its own. This countermeasure has been widely used. Based on the principle of GPS signals, drones still have to rely on GPS signals for flight navigation, flying point positioning, and flight trajectory setting when flying, so as to improve flight stability. The data information of the GPS signal is adjusted to change the flight route of the UAV to complete the purpose of countermeasures.

Desktop 2.4G 5.1G 5.8G UAV Jammer

Use drone countermeasure equipment to more effectively control the phenomenon of "black flying"

Facing the phenomenon of the proliferation of "black flying" drones, many regions are troubled by it. Not all "black flights" are subjective malice of people, and most drone users have not received professional training. Experts in the field of drone countermeasures have given answers to how to deal with the "black flight" situation. For example, by setting up an "electronic fence", that is, UAV countermeasure equipment, the signal in the entire protected area is shielded, so that the UAV cannot fly when entering the protected area, or in accordance with the relevant UAV production policy. According to relevant regulations, software for controlling flight is installed on drones, and instructions for no-flying areas are set up, so as to solve the problem of "black flying" of drones from the source of production.

Nowadays, the UAV jammer technology is mature, and the interference shielding processing is specially performed on the wireless signal used by the UAV, and the effect has always been considerable. At present, the UAV industry is still a new industry, and the technology is constantly being updated. Nowadays, UAVs are also used in a variety of ways, such as agricultural irrigation, aerial photography, rescue, transportation of goods, etc., which can be said to be very practical. There is no unified technical standard in the anti-UAV industry, and UAV anti-drone equipment is also constantly exploring quality issues, and continues to overcome technical difficulties in order to more accurately encircle and suppress accident-prone UAVs and help UAVs. Emerging industries developed in a healthy and orderly manner.

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