Why are high-power models less commonly used in mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room?

Why are high-power models less commonly used in mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room?

Every few months before the college entrance examination and high school entrance examination, many school customers ask us about the mobile phone signal shielding device in the examination room. In the process of product consultation and understanding, there is a problem that customers often mention. This question is: just want to Purchasing one or two high-power mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room can cover the shielded signal to all examination rooms in the school. Customers think that it will be easy to install and operate due to the small number of devices, so is this really the case?

To use a common saying: ideals are plump, reality is skinny! It is true that the high-power signal shielding device has a large transmission power and a large signal coverage, but what needs to be known is that the high-power signal shielding device is actually not suitable for the examination room environment of the school. First: its main application scenario refers to the outdoor environment. Second: Its coverage is large, which also means that the transmission distance is large in a visual environment (without obstacles). If the shielded signal has obvious obstacles in the transmission path, such as walls, buildings, etc., the signal will be attenuated. The degree will be very large, and it will not be possible to achieve a wide range of signal coverage. The school's examination room is obviously composed of various floors and classrooms, and there are partitions between them. This is not a transparent, visible environment.

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Furthermore, if the mobile phone wifi jammer in the examination room is selected as a high-power model, it cannot be simply considered that its installation and operation are very easy and convenient. In fact, the installation location of the high-power mobile phone signal jammer must not be selected in the building or on the roof, because it is necessary to avoid the blocking and attenuation of the shielded signal by the walls and floors of the building. In the actual application process, the high-power mobile phone signal shielding device needs to be installed at a suitable distance in front of or behind the building, and usually the shielding device is not simply placed on the ground, but should be Set up the antenna of the mobile phone signal jammer to a certain height, such as at least 2-3 floors. In addition, it is also necessary to consider that the equipment may encounter thunderstorms during the use process, so it is inevitable to consider the installation of lightning protection and waterproof protection measures for the shielding equipment.

Based on the above analysis and suggestions, we know that high-power models are generally not recommended for mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room.

“This is the structure of the standardized proving ground. The person in charge of Chengdu University of Technology said that the mobile phone signal shielding installed in the new teaching building was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the standardized test room Requirements for the four or six exams will open in December.

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Does the student know? The reporter interviewed Ms. Cao, who was studying on the second floor. She told reporters she wasn't aware it was being used as a standardized proving ground. “But I think taking an exam or opening the anti-theft device is very helpful to prevent students from cheating. Of course, asking students to check the anti-theft device more or intentionally won't do much," Cao said.

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