How is the mobile phone jammer that does not interfere with the base station realized?

How is the mobile phone jammer that does not interfere with the base station realized?

The widespread use of cell phone jammers will cause certain interference to the base stations of communication operators. This is a reality generally recognized in the industry. If it is a low-power cell phone blocker, due to its relatively small transmit power, it will interfere with the signal. The transmission distance is limited, so in the case of a small number, the interference effect on the mobile phone base station can be tolerated. However, if some customer units purchase and use high-power mobile phone jammers, and their jamming modules still use the conventional white noise high-power suppression method, then the nearby communication base stations will be overwhelmed!

However, as a professional manufacturer of high-power mobile phone jammers for nearly 20 years, we have relevant technical means to ensure that our high-power shielding equipment does not interfere with the base station. The customer's question is, how do we realize the mobile phone jammer that does not interfere with the base station?

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In fact, it is not difficult to solve the problem of base station interference. Usually, the interference to the base station is mainly aimed at the interference of the uplink frequency band of the base station. In the past, the base station signal of the mobile phone was divided according to the frequency, and the uplink frequency band and the downlink frequency band were generally specially divided, while the mobile phone jammer mainly interfered with the downlink frequency band of the base station. Unless the manufacturer of some inferior products cannot precisely adjust the interference signal within the range of the downlink frequency band, it will generally not interfere with the uplink frequency band of the base station. However, with the rise, promotion and popularization of the TDD standard for mobile phones, since the standard adopts the time division duplex working mode, that is, it is within a fixed frequency range and does not distinguish between uplink and downlink frequency bands. The bandwidth of the frequency band is divided by time, that is, the uplink signal is processed in one time period, and the downlink signal is processed in the next time period. It is precisely because of this mobile phone frequency band system that does not distinguish between uplink and downlink, when our mobile phone signal jammer performs signal interference for this frequency band, the conventional continuous white noise interference method will inevitably produce signal interference in the uplink time period. .

Since the working mode of TDD is time division duplex, the solution is easy to implement, that is, to synchronize with the time slot of the base station for processing uplink and downlink signals through a synchronization module that receives signals from the base station. Once synchronized, the interference signal of the mobile phone jammer is only transmitted during the time period when the base station processes the downlink data, which perfectly avoids the time period when the base station processes the uplink data. Therefore, it will no longer interfere with the communication base station.

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