How to use the full-band jammer to achieve full coverage in the conference room

How to use the full-band jammer to achieve full coverage in the conference room

Under normal circumstances, a conference room needs to use a full-band jammer to interfere with mobile phone signals, preventing participants from using mobile phones during the meeting and affecting the conference process. Most conference rooms only interfere with mobile phone signals and do not need to block other wireless frequency bands. However, in special secret conference rooms, full-band jammers are required to continuously interfere with frequencies of 20-6000MHz. How do we configure the full-band signal jammer to achieve full coverage?

For most people, when it comes to full-band jammers, the first thing that comes to mind is to interfere with mobile phone signals. That's right, most full-band jammers on the market interfere with cell phone signals. However, it is not comprehensive. As a professional manufacturer of full-band jammers, topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. produces full-band jammers that not only interfere with mobile phone signals, but can achieve full coverage of 20-6000MHz interference.

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In order to achieve continuous coverage of 20-6000MHz in the conference room, it is divided according to the frequency bands usually used. The full-band jammer needs at least 17 frequency band modules to achieve it. And our full-band jammers are usually 12-channel output, that is, to achieve full-band continuous coverage, multiple units are required to cooperate.

In the small area of ​​the conference room, you can use a low-power full-band jammer to interfere with the mobile phone signal. And for the need to interfere with low frequency bands, such as wireless remote control, walkie-talkie, wireless eraser. Low-power full-band jammers use modules with a power of 2-3W, and the effect of interfering with low-frequency bands is not very obvious. At this time, several frequency bands of the middle and low frequencies of the [topsignaljammer] medium-power full-band jammer can be used alone, combined with the low-power full-band jammer to achieve full-band coverage.

US military experts said that during closed exercises, the US military will have the strongest GPS signals near the battlefield, which means a large number of domestic civilian flights are in serious condition. Sacrifice. The US military believes that the country may be able to use GPS jammer technology in battles with rivals, so it is ready to fight in the worst conditions without the help of GPS and show us its true strength. GPS rejection has become a major concern for US military planners. Partner countries, especially Russia, use GPS deception and jamming strategies to conduct various training activities near their borders. We have already discussed this situation in detail, and I encourage you to read this article to understand how important the loss of reliable GPS data is for the United States and its allies to overcome such a major road during the war.

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Cell phone addiction is rampant these days. Some children have poor self-control. Installing a interfering bluetooth signal can prevent children from playing with mobile phones in the classroom. At the same time, it prevents students from ordering takeaway shows on TV. Cell phones are more comparable to parents. comfortable. "The classroom is lined with cell phone jammers. Another student named Wang questioned the installation of the shield. Even though the kids took their cell phones to school, they still knew we trusted him very much. Wang said, 'Although he has the teacher's contact information, but he still hopes to get in touch with the children directly.

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