Which signal frequency bands does the mobile phone signal jammer block?

Which signal frequency bands does the mobile phone signal jammer block?

The cell phone signal jammers currently on the market are all full-band and can effectively block:

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CDMA: 867-885 MHz.

GSM: 923-964MHz.

DCS/4G: 1803-1994 MHz.

3G (China Unicom/Telecom): 2109-2175 MHz.

Mobile 3G: 2008-2029MHz.

4G1: 2298-2406 MHz.

4G2: 2547-2650 MHz.

2.4G WIFI wireless: 2400-2485.

5.1G WIFI wireless:5150-5350.

5.8G WIFI wireless:5725-5825.



Nowadays, signal blocker technology is very mature and very easy to use. It has good shielding effect (no dead spots), good heat dissipation, stable performance, and simple installation. It is an installation-free product.

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