Things to note when buying a cell phone signal jammer

Things to note when buying a cell phone signal jammer

1. First confirm the use place and area of the shield;

2. Confirm the shielded signal type: 2G/3G/4G/5G/2.4G/5.1G/5.8G, etc.;

3. Confirm whether there is a signal base station tower near the place of use or whether there is a signal amplifier in the corridor;

4. Confirm the extended function of the signal jammer: long-term power-on use/unified control switch/timed on/off/autonomous detection of whether the use status of the jammer is normal and other functions;

5g jammer

5. Confirm whether the jammer you purchased is a regular product. Do not buy three-no products. When purchasing a 5G jammer, you should check the manufacturer and ask about the warranty period and after-sales service;

6. When purchasing products, check whether there is a test report and whether there is any radiation effect on the human body;

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