What you don't know about wireless jammers

What you don't know about wireless jammers

With the popularity of mobile phones, the demand for wireless jammers in conference rooms and school examination rooms has gradually increased, thus opening up a broad market for wifi jammer. However, there are still many users who do not know enough about wireless jammers and think that they can get a good shielding effect as long as they use high-power wireless jammers. In fact, this idea is wrong, and there are great potential safety hazards.

The working principle of the wireless jammer is to interfere with the mobile phone signal by transmitting interference signals, so as to realize the shielding of the mobile phone. So, it is a signal transmitter in itself.

Generally speaking, for school examination rooms and small conference rooms, a wireless jammer with a transmission power of 2W-10W can achieve good results. However, according to a survey of schools and major conference venues, many venues only pursue high power shielding. For example, there are more than 20 classrooms in a school, and each classroom should be equipped with a jammer for use, but some users only choose high-power transmission power. After practical application, it is found that the signal in some places cannot be shielded. Therefore, units using wireless interferometers should pay attention to the following points:

①Do not blindly use high-power jammers. The effect of shielding can be achieved by applying shielding with a transmission power of about 2W in a classroom.

② After use, it is necessary to turn off the interferometer in time.

③ Be sure to choose a wireless jammer produced by a regular manufacturer.

WiFi jammer

The use of wireless signal jammer equipment must be appropriate and meet the requirements

When using wireless signal jammer equipment and other communication signal shielding equipment, it must be used reasonably and meet the requirements. According to the current communication-related regulations, it is illegal to interrupt other people's signals on a large scale. Therefore, in order to ensure that the communication and signal shielding needs of others are not delayed, the use of wireless signal jammer equipment must be appropriate and meet the requirements.

Many people should be very clear that the communication of mobile phones is transmitted through the signals of base stations. Domestic mobile phone signal coverage is relatively complete globally. The four major domestic operators-China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and The newly added China Radio and Television is sparing no effort to build infrastructure such as base stations to enhance the coverage of mobile phone signals, so that the public can receive mobile phone signals anytime, anywhere and complete signal transmission.

What the wireless signal jammer does is to shield the base station signal in a certain frequency band and within a certain area, so that the mobile phone communication equipment within the range of the wireless signal jammer cannot perform signal transmission. Generally speaking, wireless signal jammers are mainly used in prisons, military areas, school examination rooms and other places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited.

When using a wireless signal jammer, it must be reasonable and meet the requirements, and try not to disturb the people. Interfering with other people's normal signal communication is highly undesirable. When purchasing a wireless signal jammer, you should choose a regular manufacturer, so that the signal shielding effect, as well as subsequent technical support and maintenance, are more guaranteed.

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