How do prisons block 5G mobile phone signals?

How do prisons block 5G mobile phone signals?

With the development of the communication industry, especially the development of 5G technology, mobile communication has brought a lot of convenience to people's life, but the negative impact on prisons, detention centers, college entrance examination rooms and other places has become more and more obvious. In the past few years, the incident of college entrance examination students cheating through 5G mobile phones has had a strong warning effect on the supervision system. If mobile phones are taken to prisons and used by criminals, it will have serious consequences for the management and security of prisons, detention centers and other places. Great harm.

How do prisons block 5G mobile phone signals? At this time, we need to mention the prison mobile phone signal jammer. As long as an effective prison mobile phone signal jammer system is established, it can provide strong security for prisons and detention centers.

The essence of prison mobile phone wifi jammer is electronic countermeasures and co-channel interference. It uses equipment to send out frequency band signals through antennas, so that mobile phones are disturbed by garbled codes when receiving signals and cannot recognize the receiving network, so the effect of shielding signals is achieved. Wireless signal shielding is actually a very technically demanding project, and just buying a prison mobile phone signal shielding device cannot completely solve the problem. If you want to establish a complete prison mobile phone signal jammer system, on-site measurement, construction planning, equipment debugging and other processes are essential.

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What are the reasons that will affect the effect of prison mobile phone signal jammer?

In prisons, prisoners cannot communicate with the outside world without permission. Mobile phones, in particular, are absolutely not allowed to be carried or used. It is likely to lead to the leakage of important information and cause serious consequences. Therefore, it is possible to fundamentally cut off the connection of the signal with the help of the control of the mobile phone signal jamming device in the prison. So when installing a prison mobile phone signal shielding device, what are the reasons that will affect the effect of the prison mobile phone signal shielding device?

Reason 1: Building Structure

The size, area, and structure of each prison are different. If the wall thickness is large, it will weaken the effect of the prison mobile phone signal shielding device, so that blind spots and leaks will appear in the prison shielding area.

Reason 2: The influence of the base station

If there is a transmitting base station near the prison, it is very unfavorable for the prison mobile phone signal shielding device. It is generally recommended that there should be no base station within two to three hundred meters of the prison area where the prison mobile phone shielding device is installed. If the shielding effect is not good, you need to focus on whether the base station is too close and the signal is too strong.

Reason 3: Selection of mobile phone signal jammers for prisons

When purchasing a prison mobile phone signal jammer, you should fully understand the shielding range of the shielding device, etc. If you choose a device with low power and small power in a large venue, it is conceivable that it will not have a good effect.

Reason 4: Man-made sabotage

Most of the installation locations are relatively high or hidden places, which will not be noticed by people in the prison, but this cannot prevent prison inmates from man-made damage to the prison cell phone signal jammer.

Reason five: normal wear and tear

With the accumulation of its working time, it will also have normal consumption. Once a wireless signal jammer with a significantly reduced effect is found, it is necessary to quickly arrange for maintenance and investigation.

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