What is the price of a mobile phone signal jammer

What is the price of a mobile phone signal jammer

   The price of cell phone jammer ranges from tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars. They are used in different regions and environments, with different output power sizes, different styles, and different material prices. You can search and buy on the web!


  Common precautions

   1 The external antenna must be assembled according to the corresponding signs on the main box, and then connected to the power supply of the case (it is forbidden to turn on the switch power without connecting the external antenna).

   2 The external antenna of the shielding device is sent with a soft whip omnidirectional antenna. The reasonable coverage area is the area where the external antenna is gradually weakening at the center point of the circle. Therefore, pay attention to the proper selection of the placement position and viewing angle of the external antenna during application to prevent blind spots from causing screen fraud.

Mobile phone signal jammer

  3 The mobile phone signal jammer should be placed in a place with good air circulation, and the assembly of the external antenna should avoid large objects as much as possible, and avoid strong heat sources and strong electromagnetic sources to ensure the shielding effect and long-term stable operation.

  4 When the jammer is in operation, it is not allowed to pile up other goods and disassemble the external antenna, so as not to affect the efficiency of the shield and damage the equipment.

  5 When the jammer is not in use, the switching power supply should be disconnected as soon as possible to prevent it from affecting the normal application of the mobile phone.

  6 When the application site facilities exceed the scope of reasonable shielding, it is recommended to use multiple shields and multi-tube assembly to ensure better shielding performance.

  Q: When the signal jammer is running, why some mobile phone signal indications still have data signal indications?
Answer: This is just a kind of illusion. In fact, the mobile phone can no longer communicate at this time. If you press the pull button casually, you will find that there is no data signal indication on the data signal indicator. It takes about 30 seconds for the jammer to be completely screened after it is turned on.

  Q: Will the signal jammer affect the normal operation of other electronic products?

   Answer: Not really. This is because the electromagnetic data signal transmitted by the mobile phone signal jammer completely falls within the mobile phone working frequency specified by the country and can only block mobile phone communication. Moreover, this kind of data signal is in a relatively static condition from beginning to end, and it will not affect other electronic products.

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