Is the signal jammer in the examination room easy to crack?

Is the signal jammer in the examination room easy to crack?

   Nowadays, the test venues are all equipped with signal jammer, but some people want to use some methods to practice favoritism, and even find system vulnerabilities at any cost. That way, is it easy to decipher the signal jammer in the examination room? There must be many people who want to decipher, but I personally suggest that you still should not be lucky. Nothing else, just because the signal jammer is not as simple as expected. Previously, the old signal jammers were all selected to disconnect the data signal in stages, and the data signal was changed after a while. But today's test site signal jammers have long been improved, not the old machines and equipment.


   Most of today's machinery and equipment have been upgraded to machinery and equipment with multiple wireless antennas. The more common one is the eight wireless antenna machines. This kind of machinery and equipment can send data signals in 8 frequency bands at the same time. Therefore, if you are lucky enough, it is obviously unlikely to succeed.

Examination is a lifelong matter. If you don't really grasp the professional knowledge and apply certain methods to pass the customs, the final conclusion will not be too good. It's not so much to use a deceitful way to coax yourself, it is better to simply learn knowledge from the beginning. It is not that simple to decipher the signal jammer in the examination room. In addition, today's technology is becoming more and more developed, and the products manufactured by many companies are getting better and better. With the development of technology, I firmly believe that machinery and equipment in this area will only become more and more accurate in the future. If you want to enter a good school, it is recommended to study knowledge carefully, and only study hard, which is better than other methods.

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