How to make vehicle GPS positioning invalid, does GPS jammer work?

How to make vehicle GPS positioning invalid, does GPS jammer work?

   How to make the GPS positioning of motor vehicles not work? It is necessary to know that the locator is the same as the smart phone. It is to be assembled with a SIM card to receive and send text messages, so it has the corresponding frequency in the running state. At this moment, if you want the locator to not work, you must use the GPS shielding device. When it starts to work, it will disconnect the signal pushed by the locator on the car. In this way, the real-time tracking function of the locator will not work. It can be said to be a simple and direct way.


   Although the GPS jammer can reasonably affect the signal of the locator, this behavior cannot be eradicated because the GPS is still in it no matter what. Not only that, the mobile phone signal will also be affected, if there are any key calls or information content, it will be delayed by this GPS jammer. In general, GPS jammers are unlikely to be useful, so it’s better to remove GPS completely.

   For how to find the GPS location, the direct method is naturally to use the GPS model specification checker. As mentioned above, the GPS locator has a corresponding frequency. At this moment, everyone only needs to hold the GPS checker, and then slowly search around the vehicle. It will not take long to find the part of the GPS locator, and then it can be disassembled directly. But it should be noted that if it is a wired GPS, it is best to disassemble it for professionals, because the route of the vehicle is very complicated.

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