What do you not know about cell phone signal jammers?

What do you not know about cell phone signal jammers?

With the popularity of mobile phones, the demand for mobile phone signal jammers for various conferences, exams, etc. has gradually increased, thus opening up a broad market for mobile phone signal jammers. However, there are still many users who do not know enough about cell phone signal jammer, thinking that using high-power cell phone jammers can achieve better results. In fact, this idea is wrong, and there are great security risks.

The working principle of the mobile phone signal blocker is to use broadband to transmit interference signals to interfere with the uplink signal of the mobile phone, thereby shielding the work of the mobile phone. So, this is itself a signal transmitter. The signal transmitter produces radiation. According to the needs of use, the current shielding transmission power range is between 1W and 480W.

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Generally speaking, for general exams and small meetings, using a cell phone signal jammer with a transmit power of 2W-10W can achieve good results. However, from the investigation of major schools and important conference venues, it is known that many venues only pursue high-power shielding. For example, there are more than 20 classrooms, each classroom uses a shield, and chooses 30W transmit power. After inspection, due to improper use, the shield is often not closed in time, resulting in continuous firing for several weeks.

Therefore, units applying mobile phone signal jammers should pay attention to the following three points:

1. Do not blindly apply high-power shields. The shielding effect can be achieved by applying 2W transmit power shielding in a classroom.

2. After the end of use, it is necessary to close the shield in time to avoid continuous radiation.

3. Be sure to choose a shield produced by a regular manufacturer.

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