What are the principles and operation methods of mobile phone signal jammers?

What are the principles and operation methods of mobile phone signal jammers?

There are a lot of people using mobile phones now, and almost everyone needs a mobile phone. However, the process of using it also brings huge safety risks to our daily lives. For example, schools and private enterprises must strictly prohibit the use of mobile phones. , but there are still many people using mobile phones. This is why we have received many inquiries from users about how to block mobile phone signals?

In order to understand how to use a mobile phone signal jammer, you need to understand its basic working principle. During the entire operation, the signal jammer for sale will send the mid- and low-end operating frequencies to the high-end sweep at a certain speed. High-end scanning can detect the signal sent out by the mobile phone. When the signal is scanned out, the signal jammer device will send out electromagnetic interference to block it. At this time, the mobile phone will indicate that it cannot send data normally, making the mobile phone unable to Make contact with the base station. The mobile phone screen will indicate that the network cannot be searched, the signal is poor, and the mobile phone has no service.

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Therefore, when we assemble the mobile phone signal jammer, we must first select the shielded area, and then install the signal shielding device on the wall or left side of the location. After the assembly is completed, perform a plug-in test. After the test power is turned on, wait for the signal jammer device to scan the surrounding area, and then press the power switch to start the signal jammer.

This also means that the mobile phones of staff within the blocked area will not be able to connect to the base station Internet, and they will lose the ability to make calls, surf the Internet, send messages, watch short videos, etc. This way, our cell phone signal blocker can be used normally.

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