How to choose a reliable signal jammer?

How to choose a reliable signal jammer?

For the selection of signal jammers, we must consider some factors. Different types of jammers should be selected for different shielding areas: Generally speaking, jammers are divided into two types: indoor type and outdoor type.

The former one needs to be lower than the latter one in terms of volume and power to actually induce electromagnetic interference. Relatively, its product cost and market price are also lower. If the area to be shielded is a large and medium-sized room with a simple structure (such as a classroom; an examination room; an office; a conference hall, a rest area; a bathroom, etc.) environment, and the actual area should not exceed 100 square meters, then It is more suitable to choose large, medium and small room signal jammers.

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If the area to be shielded is a large space with a complicated structure, the most ideal shielding solution is usually a signal jammer for cell phone with integrated size: that is, a certain number of medium-sized machines are deployed in multiple tubes for large-scale coverage, while at the same time assisting Use a certain number of small servers to eliminate blind spots, thereby achieving the best shielding effect within the effective budget.

If the area where shielding is required is relatively large and wide (such as warehouses, squares, auditoriums, main venues, etc.), you can consider large outdoor shielding devices, such as 101k or 201 series products.

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