The jammer was stolen from the police car

The jammer was stolen from the police car

The Hinjewadi Ministry of Transportation filed two complaints against a driver and a two-wheeled motorcycle on the grounds that they had stolen the breakwater and that traffic police had found a vehicle in the Hinjewadi no-parking zone. The first accident occurred in Geometry Mountain. The driver of the two-wheeler parked his rolling number MH 12 KH1191 in the no-parking area.

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Two defendants were robbed at the Hinjewadi police station. The Hinjewadi police are investigating these two cases further. They will be checking the nearby video surveillance (CCTV) device to try to stop the perpetrators.

The traffic police on duty took action against a car and installed a jammer for gps on the car. Since the defendant was absent, the police team left. At the same time, the owner of the two-wheeler rushed to the scene and escaped with a jammer. In the second case, a driver parked his vehicle with the registration number MH 12 JH 1770 in a no-parking zone, and the police also installed jammers on the vehicle's tires. When he returned, the driver of the car removed the jammer and fled the scene.

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