Jammers can reduce traffic accidents

Jammers can reduce traffic accidents

According to Tejaswi Satpute, deputy commissioner of the traffic police, the fine was at least 5 million rupees in just one week.

Pune Police Chief K. Venkatesham posted on Twitter the number of emergency calls police received following a traffic accident. He wrote on Twitter: “The 632 traffic accidents that occurred in Pune in November 2018 are very worrying for all of us. Compared to October 18, the number of accidents has been reduced by 12.83%, which is certainly not the same. Kind of comfort. Let's respect highway laws and reduce accidents in 2019.

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Saput later published a case of drunk driving, illegal parking, and no helmet on Weibo.

She wrote, "Dear Pune. We can drive 1,150 drunk, 3,600 cell phone jammer, more than 5,000 headset boxes and 11,500 other boxes. In just one week we were fined 5 million rupees. That shows the number of violations . We are welcome. " . In the New Year we promise to follow the rules. Be serious and responsible. "
The police chief announced that the traffic police will strictly enforce the city's helmet requirement from January 1, 2019.

Last week traffic police fined 1,150 people for drunk driving; 3,600 GPS jammer were installed on incorrectly parked vehicles; At least 5,000 people have been targeted for traveling without a helmet.

Pune traffic police started taking action on the DUI case even before the New Year celebrations. Last week traffic police fined 1,150 people for drunk driving; 3,600 jammers were placed on improperly parked vehicles; and action has been taken against at least 5,000 people who travel without helmets. Measures were also taken in 11,500 other cases.

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