How a $30 GPS jammer can save your life

How a $30 GPS jammer can save your life

Illegal jammers for gps are just a disaster for the aviation industry.

In January 2007, it took three days to explain this mysterious event. The cause of the incident was the illegal use of jammers. Two naval vessels trained in the port of San Diego. In order to test the program in the event of a loss of communication, the technician blocked the radio signal. They also unwittingly blocked radio signals from GPS satellites across the city.
Why does the interruption of GPS cause so much damage? These satellite signals are now more than just understanding the car's satellite navigation system. GPS has become the “invisible tool” we rely on. Cellular companies use GPS time signals to coordinate your phone's communications with the tower. When energy providers are connected to each other, they can synchronize the network via GPS. Banks and exchanges use satellites for time stamping to prevent fraud. At the same time, our society's dependence on GPS navigation is increasing from year to year.

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It was noon in San Diego, California when the blackout began. In the airport tower, air traffic controllers checked their monitors only to find that their system of tracking incoming planes was not working. At the Naval Medical Center, the pager used to call medical personnel has stopped working. The chaos also threatened the occupied ports after the failure of the traffic control system with which the ships were directed. On the street, the person looking for the cell phone discovered that there was no signal. Bank customers who tried to withdraw money from a local ATM have been turned away. The problem persisted for another 2 hours.

Some people fear that we can now rely too much on fault-prone technology and cause damage without requiring unusual naval training. You are most concerned about cell phone jammer. -A plastic device that can be installed on the dashboard of a car. These can be purchased on the internet and are often used by truck drivers who don't want their bosses to know where they are. Their increasing use has created problems at airports and hampered cellular coverage in several cities. If there is no interference, the signal jammer can remove the GPS from a few kilometers away. It is therefore not surprising that researchers around the world are searching for ways to avoid catastrophic GPS failures.

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