Suppress interfering devices such as cell phone ringtones and communications.

Suppress interfering devices such as cell phone ringtones and communications.

Do many people use cell phones to interfere with devices?

It's unpleasant to use it with a cell phone in places where you can't make calls, like trains or restaurants, so in this case, I activated the GPS jammer and placed it outside the service area. It's funny because I usually hit my phone and start slapping the lid.

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However, today while I was reading on the train, people around me started shaking my phone.

I wonder if I have unknowingly turned on an interfering device, but the power is turned off properly.

By the way, my phone doesn't work either. Maybe someone else is interfering.

I wonder if the number of people disturbing it is increasing these days. I'm someone who doesn't want to have a cell phone, so I'd like to see more distracting friends, or at least make trains, restaurants, and libraries quieter.

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