Portable GPS Compatible Mobile Phone Radio Wave Barrier Maximum Blocking Radius 15m

Portable GPS Compatible Mobile Phone Radio Wave Barrier Maximum Blocking Radius 15m

● GPS jammers can modulate GPS transmissions.

● Small and light, with large coverage, can be freely carried, and equipped with GPS interception function.

GPS radio waves cut off

● GPS cell phone jammers are also very effective in interfering with commercial vehicles, and can easily shield satellite tracking devices that have been set up.

Cell phone jammers are specially designed for those who want to protect their privacy by preventing eavesdropping and eavesdropping in case our company is inundated with current satellite positioning (car positioning, cell phone positioning, google network positioning, etc.). It's designed. Due to the characteristics of all current GPS satellite positioning systems, the effective radio wave blocking range can block, interfere, adjust, and suppress GPS satellite signals from 2 to 15 meters to form an effective protected area, which is also an important measure for GPS tracking applications. effect.

12 Antennas Power Portable Mobile Phone Signal Jammer LOJACK GPS Wi-Fi RF Signals Blocker

★ This mobile phone deterrent device is a GPS recorder countermeasure device directly inserted into the cigarette lighter socket. It is a countermeasure that invalidates the L1 C/A code 1575.42MHz from GPS satellites.

★ D-GPS function Disables GPS signal (L1) from GPS satellites located by GPS logger (Motion Tracker/A-GPS *does not include cell phone position correction).

★ You will be able to receive GPS signal (L1). Also, car navigation that only captures the GPS signal (L1) and navigates will stop. However, communication navigation, navigation using various high-performance sensors, etc. will be performed.

★ This GPS jammer plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and works.

★ Plug into a commercially available portable power supply (12V) can also be used.

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