Some countries allow the use of jammers to prevent students from using mobile phones

Some countries allow the use of jammers to prevent students from using mobile phones

After the French "Europe Times" reported on December 11th on the brown report of the French education minister on the maintenance of school rules and the guarantee of the national health system, elementary and secondary school students will be prohibited from carrying cell phones to school in the 2018 school year. He said, "We are focused on this issue and at the implementation level we can take several forms." Users may have education and urgent needs, but calls should be restricted in principle. He added that several middle schools have successfully implemented the ban. Specific actions are pending, but he said cell phone jammer can be used.

Brown stressed that the telephone ban was "a public health message for families and children" in addition to the framework of school rules and regulations. He warned parents not to keep their children in contact for long, especially not until they are seven. That’s Macron’s promise in the presidential campaign. According to a survey by Credoc in 2015, 80% of teenagers in France are equipped with smartphones, compared to 20% in 2011. The overall situation is that since the fourth grade of elementary school, many students have had cell phones because children can learn from their cell phones . Parents and parents of this age believe that they can use their cell phones anytime. At the same time, the impact of cell phone blockers on learning, thinking, analyzing and even on obstacles among young people is also a problem in the education sector.

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The adolescents who participated in the study were subjected to standardized tests to determine whether they were dependent on the Internet and smartphones. Smartphone addiction participants admitted that internet and smartphone use interfered with their daily, social, sleeping and study skills. These teenagers also had significantly higher scores for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and impulsivity (the results showed no internet addiction). The good news is that the percentage of brain chemicals in addicts has returned to near normal levels after cognitive behavior therapy. "The smartphone is like a virtual doll or a lover, so it feels painful and deserted," said Laurent Carrilla, a medical expert and spokesman for the Addiction Association. It feels like a drug addict and the fear of disconnecting from the phone is a very real emotion. Internationally, however, "cell phone addiction" has not yet been recognized as a disease. On the contrary, gambling addiction was registered as a mental illness.

College entrance exams are an important part of the city. To prevent college entrance exam fraud, we will be introducing mobile jammers in the college entrance exam room. Cell phone jammers can interfere with 3G cell phone signals. During the public service audit, the misconduct was republished by the media. There are also frequent reports of fraudulent activity on 3G cell phones. This means using signal jammer for 3G cell phones. Some cell phone signal jammers have added 4G signal jamming functions. Manage fraudulent college entrance exams at various local exams. To strengthen our response to fraudulent college entrance exam activity, we installed a cell phone shielding device during the college entrance exam.

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