High-end jammers can block many signal frequencies

High-end jammers can block many signal frequencies

Less complex devices block only one set of frequencies, while complex jammers can block multiple network types at the same time to prevent phones with two or three modes from automatically switching between different network types to find an open signal. Some high-end devices block all frequencies at the same time, while other high-end devices can be tuned to specific frequencies.

Cell phones are full-duplex devices, meaning they use two different frequencies, one to talk and the other to hear at the same time. Some GPS jammer only block one of the frequencies used by the phone and therefore block both frequencies at the same time. The phone has been tricked into thinking that there is no service as it can only receive one of the frequencies.

College entrance exams are an important part of the city. To prevent college entrance exam fraud, we will be introducing cell phone jammer in the college entrance exam room. Cell phone jammers can interfere with 3G cell phone signals. During the public service audit, the misconduct was republished by the media. There are also frequent reports of fraudulent activity on 3G cell phones. This means using signal jammers for 3G cell phones. Some cell phone jammers have added 4G signal jamming functions. Manage fraudulent college entrance exams at various local exams. To strengthen our response to fraudulent college entrance exam activity, we installed a cell phone shielding device during the college entrance exam.

8 Bands Handheld GPS WiFi 2G/3G/4G Powerful Cell Jammers

The proliferation of cell phones in libraries, schools and other places is linked to the noise caused by cell phones. It interferes with people's ability to perform normal tasks. Using a cell phone at a gas station creates the risk of fire and explosion. GPS signal jammers can effectively solve these problems. The phone cannot connect to the base station. Other electronic devices are not disturbed. With advanced functions. Easy to install. We strictly adhere to the quality system and produce ideal and reliable safe products. It can run continuously for a long period of time and use jammers in places where cellphone use is prohibited, such as in the city. B. in prisons and in places of public safety.

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