Signal jammers can protect your information

Signal jammers can protect your information

The job of a GPS jammer is to protect yourself. In the face of a serious loss of personal information, I also need to beef up my privacy. With personal identification codes such as cell phone numbers and other private data, it is not easy to inform strangers or to be in public places in order to increase the protective awareness to prevent criminals from collecting lives and disturbing or committing fraud.

In the age of the mobile Internet, mobile phones were officially upgraded to “smart companions” by users, not only as an important tool for work and leisure, but also to fully understand the concept of artificial intelligence and to optimize people's lifestyles. At the same time, due to the popularity of cell phones and the rapid development of phone sales, a marketing model that can compete with traditional sales has emerged. After years of "baptizing" phones sales, users' awareness of keeping their phone numbers safe has increased, but the strange thing is that this person's information has continued to be leaked.

In April 2016, a pilot operator started an early warning service for suspicious telephone fraud due to telephone harassment. Using big data modeling analytics, it identified suspected harassment fraud calls and issued early warnings to users.

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But for cell phone users, an early warning is nowhere near enough. Although it can increase vigilance and reduce the risk of fraud, the mobile phone itself has caused nuisance. Internet companies jointly tested new technologies and classified suspicious calls as "smart transfers". Harassing calls, such as B. Radio frequency calls. If the number calls the user's cell phone in the suspicious cell phone database, it is automatically transferred to the “HeMessage” platform. The phone does not ring to avoid user interference. At the same time, the user can reply to a message during the call or call back after hearing the warning so as not to miss the call due to a blockage.

With the increase in the sharing of personal information, there is a risk that people will harass phone calls. Harassing calls prevent people from having a good rest. It also has some impact on work. That's good for them, but not good. . Then ask, is there a good solution? Of course, the development of science and technology will solve many problems. This can cause a lot of problems. It will get people to the phone and some things will stop bothering the phone. Cell phone security and anti-virus software can intercept calls to some extent, but some calls cannot be intercepted. What should I do? In one survey, half of the people didn't know what to do. Some people will know how to use eavesdropping techniques to intercept nuisance signals. This online cell phone jammer solves these problems well.

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