If you want to make your privacy more secure, you can use a signal jammer

If you want to make your privacy more secure, you can use a signal jammer

With the development of science and technology, wireless technology has developed rapidly. What wireless technologies are you familiar with? Most often we hear WiFi and Bluetooth. With the expansion of WiFi coverage, more and more people are currently using WiFi to surf the Internet. At home, restaurants, cinemas, and other places are covered with Wi-Fi networks, which is very important for our internet needs. Secure or not, you can use WiFi without hesitation. This is very important in order to connect to the internet and do what you want. this is the best. However, with the development of technology, wireless LAN security has become increasingly important. An unsecure WiFi connection can steal your information and even your belongings, so don't worry? If your WiFi is not secure, it is recommended that you use a wireless GPS jammer. It can protect the router and information security well. Therefore, you need to understand WiFi encryption and its three modes first. This is your introduction.

There are currently many encryption technologies in wireless networks, the most common of which are WEP and WPA encryption methods. The first security protocol for wireless LANs, 802.11 Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), is being questioned. While WEP can prevent snoopers from breaking into the wireless network, there is still reason to doubt its security as WEP is very easy to crack, just like a plastic lock on a door.

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WEP security encryption mode

The WEP function uses the rc4 PRNG algorithm developed by the security company. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a data encryption algorithm used to provide protection equivalent to that of a wired LAN. Using wireless local area network (LAN) technology, all client and wireless access point data is encrypted with a common key. The length of the key is between 40 and 256. The longer the key, the more time the hacker needs. Hence, they can offer better security protection.

WPA security encryption mode

Access to protected WLAN-encrypted WPA, whose encryption function makes penetration more difficult than WEP. If you have higher data security requirements, you should therefore opt for WPA encryption (Windows XP SP2 supports WPA encryption).

A major upgrade of the WEP encryption mechanism from IEEE 802.11, WPA is more cautious than WEP when it comes to security protection. This is mainly reflected in aspects such as identity authentication, encryption mechanism and message detection. It also improves the wireless network management functions. When you add a cell phone jammer, your privacy is more secure.

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