Reasonable use of full-band signal shielding device to prevent students from indulging in games

Reasonable use of full-band signal shielding device to prevent students from indulging in games

Students' addiction to online games has always been a headache for many parents. With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the replacement and popularization of smart terminals such as smart phones & tablets, the use of smart phones by students has reached the level of popularity. It has been extended to elementary school students and even kindergarten children. Schools face a plethora of smartphone management challenges:

1. During class, students play games and chat online, and cannot concentrate on listening to lectures, resulting in a decline in academic performance;
2. Playing mobile phones during the night break and not sleeping, resulting in sluggishness in class the next day, day after day, a vicious circle;
3. Browse unhealthy information, affect physical and mental health, or even go astray;
4. Using mobile phones and other devices to cheat in the exam, which affects the fairness of the exam.
If parents or teachers use coercive measures such as mobile phone bans to manage students' mobile phones, many children will have strong resistance and increase the friction between parents or teachers and students! How to effectively manage students' use of smart phones has attracted widespread attention from the whole society.

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According to the current situation, what we can do are:

1. Increase the interaction time with children, pay more attention to children's outdoor life, and take children to do some outdoor sports. Thereby reducing the time for children to play games at home when they have nothing to do, and it is also conducive to cultivating the relationship between parents and children.
2. Guide children to play some educational games or learn software, so that education is entertaining.
3. Control the time for children to play games: use the full-band signal shielding device to reasonably control the WIFI network signal of mobile phones, so that students' mobile phones cannot play games online within a certain period of time. Reduce the conflict in the communication process between children and parents.
4. The classrooms and dormitories of the school are equipped with a full-band signal shielding device, which is set by using the timer switch function, and the setting time is synchronized with the school schedule, so that the full-band signal shielding device can be turned on during class and rest time, and the mobile phone signal is cut off. Turn off the full-band signal jammer and restore the mobile phone signal. This type of full-band signal blocker is very suitable for use in schools. The software automatically runs to control the on-off time of the full-band signal jammer, reducing the negligence of personnel control, and can Reduce personnel input.
5. Turn on the full-band signal shielding device during the exam, cut off the mobile phone signal, prevent students from cheating with mobile phones, and improve the fairness of the exam.

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