Learn about the principle of using the signal jammer in the examination room

Learn about the principle of using the signal jammer in the examination room

About the signal jammer in the examination room, it mainly interferes with the signals of various electronic communication equipment, and it has been used in many places at present. And the most widely used place is that it can often be seen in school exams. After the changes of the times, the speed of information dissemination is very fast today. With a mobile phone, through some communication software and the Internet, the information sent can be disseminated to all corners of the world in the blink of an eye. For some environments like the examination room, mobile phones cannot be used, so it is very necessary to use the test room cell phone jammer for sale at certain times. How do the signal jammers in the examination room interfere with the mobile phone signal?

Before that, let's understand the communication principle of the mobile phone. The base station is within a certain working range, and the information transmission is completed through the wireless signal technology and the state of the mobile phone's certain frequency modulation. For the above content, the test room signal jammer scans from the low-frequency band to the high-frequency band at a certain speed in the forward channel during work. As a result, the normal use of the mobile phone is interfered, and the signal received by the mobile phone within the working range of the test room signal jammer is garbled. The mobile phone cannot receive the normal data signal transmitted from the base station, and the mobile phone can no longer establish contact with the base station. At this time, some functions of the mobile phone related to the Internet cannot be used, mainly such as no signal for search and no service for the system.

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What factors affect the price of the signal jammer in the examination room?

Nowadays, mobile phones bring convenience to people, but they also have some limitations. It is completely unnecessary to use mobile phones in some places, for example, it will cause a lot of trouble during exams. Therefore, some schools will use signal jammers in the examination room, which will stop the behavior of using mobile phones during the examination. What factors will affect the price of the test room signal jammer?

1. Whether there is a blind spot or a base station with a strong signal near the installation of the test room signal jammer, so that if a good jamming effect is to be achieved, the manufacturer will spend considerable materials and energy, and of course the cost will also increase.

2. If you simply shield the mobile phone signal without considering external interference, you only need to increase the shielding power. If it is necessary to ensure that the shielding effect is moderate without blind spots, it is necessary to control the technology of the signal jammer in the examination room to achieve accurate shielding effect.

The price of the signal jammer in the examination room must follow the requirements. You cannot follow the trend and choose cheap ones. Expensive products may not be suitable for all. Before choosing, you still have to go to the field to investigate and test the shielding effect according to past cases. Choose a product with a good reputation, how about the after-sales service. According to the above information, we must check the performance of the signal jammer in the examination room when we buy it, and we don't need to fully consider the price.

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