Reasonable UAV countermeasures in the face of "black flying"

Reasonable UAV countermeasures in the face of "black flying"

At present, drones have become mechanical devices that are often seen in people's lives, and they are widely used in various fields. It can even be used in some unique places like: tours, emergency rescues, sailing shoots. In recent years, there has been a boom in online short videos. In order to gain illegitimate benefits, some people use drones to shoot some private places illegally, and then make videos for distribution to make huge profits. Therefore, many regions will choose to restrict this through uav jammer which also plays a big role.

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In some areas, safety hazards caused by unmanned aerial vehicles will appear at any time, and there is no fixed time. The technology sets up a "no-fly zone" on the site, which is quite a protective barrier. In the "no-fly zone", a wireless signal is sent to the "black fly" drone to make it make an emergency landing. Not only can save a lot of manpower input, in addition, it can also ensure the safety of the performers to a large extent. For other organizations or classified units, the UAV countermeasure equipment makes the accident UAV return to flight or on the way, and it is impossible to continue to use equipment such as cameras.

Since the UAV must use wireless signal transmission, it can be used to achieve the effect of signal countermeasures against the UAV, so that the UAV can lose control and cannot drive further into the protection area, so as to achieve the purpose of countering the UAV.

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Recently, Cellular wireless jammer has focused on GSM, GPRS, 2G, DCS, 3G and 4G frequencies. These jammers have the function of blocking or disrupting audio communication and data transmission on the Internet. Usually used to avoid security risks and prevent information leakage and theft. It also helps avoid privacy risks. Some phones are used to automatically put the call on hold to monitor the conversation. These frequencies are also common in spy cameras and microphones and GSM 3G (currently 4G). Therefore, these frequency suppressors can prevent and eliminate interference. Thanks to signal triangulation, mobile phone users can easily find a place to avoid
Wave jammer GPS has many frequency bands, but the most well-known is L1 (Extended Civil). On top of the GPS frequency there are four other frequency bands used for police, military, government and scientific research. GPS jammers are mainly used to avoid tracking by GPS trackers or surveillance by third parties familiar with our business. Today, spyware can be easily found and installed on cell phones to monitor real-time location. GPS tracking system allows them to focus on our business, insurance companies can monitor car usage, vehicles can be monitored through fleet control system, it always shows your location and many other applications related to location control. Communicate with mobile satellites.

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