How to choose a full-band jammer in a prison

How to choose a full-band jammer in a prison

In today's information age, with the rapid development of communication technology, mobile communication plays an important role in people's life, industrial and agricultural production and other fields. While the mobile phone brings great convenience to people's life, it also produces some problems that cannot be ignored. Due to the wide coverage of mobile communication networks, the appearance of mobile phones in some occasions brings trouble to people and even presents security risks. Improper use of mobile phones has become a leaking tool in confidential places, posing a threat to the confidentiality of signals. The use of mobile phones in prisons can become a criminal means and have an impact on social stability. In some places, we should be able to artificially destroy or limit this kind of network to avoid the harm caused by the mobile network. The full-band jammer is fully applied in this context.

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In order for the full-band signal blocker to effectively interfere with the mobile phone signal, it must be ensured that the signal field strength emitted by the jammer should be far greater than the field strength of the mobile signal in the interference area. The distance of the interference is different in different places, and the effective distance of the interference will be different. The closer the base station is, the stronger the signal, and the shorter the interference distance. The farther away from the base station, the weaker the signal, the longer the interference distance. Therefore, before using a full-band jammer, the signal strength of the mobile phone at the jamming site should be fully considered, and then the power size, quantity and combination of jammers should be determined according to the scope of the jamming area.

Usually, a low-power jammer is installed in a prison indoors; a high-power jammer is recommended for outdoor use. The two are used in combination with each other to achieve full coverage of the entire prison.

However, some international companies have found that their recent business activities have not given them undue attention. Cisco Systems began to feel the uncomfortable effects of the lawsuit, which was filed earlier this year, accusing the tech company of deploying and maintaining a vast surveillance system that allows Chinese authorities to easily track and review all cases. The Internet of Spiritual Groups. Cisco officially denied all allegations, claiming that Cisco is selling the same legal devices in China and other countries around the world in accordance with US government laws and regulations.

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As you can see, American and Chinese citizens face the same risks when Cisco sells the same devices around the world. In fact, we already are. So please use anti-surveillance 4G mobile data jammer to protect yourself and make sure nobody is watching you. Of course you are welcome to comment here!

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