Optional signal jammers to manage classroom discipline when necessary

Optional signal jammers to manage classroom discipline when necessary

During the exam, the use of signal jammers in the exam room to prevent cheating in exams is a method used by many schools. Not only that, the use of the device in the classroom can also solve the phenomenon of "students playing with mobile phones during class" to ensure classroom discipline. Therefore, it is still very necessary to use the signal jammer in the examination room in the classroom and during the examination.

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With the development of society, mobile phones with more and more functions have become indispensable in our daily life. Mobile phones not only bring us convenience and practicality, but also some bad aspects are slowly emerging. First of all, in the school, playing games, sending text messages, answering phone calls, etc. in class, and some students even use mobile phones to search for answers during exams, which has had a serious impact on teachers' teaching activities. Therefore, many schools think of using signal jammers in the examination room to interfere with classroom signals, so as to ensure the normal teaching order.

It is not a simple matter to choose this equipment. It is necessary to estimate the classroom area and on-site signal strength, and select a signal shielding device with a suitable working range to ensure that the shielding signal range is within the actual range. You can also choose the networked version of the test room signal jammer to facilitate centralized control and management of multiple devices in the entire building through the network, so that it can be used quickly and conveniently.

The radio interference maker recently announced that its subsidiary, Comtech PST Corporation of Melville, New York, has been awarded a $1.4 million contract by a national general contractor to supply high-performance, broadband radio signal interference and semiconductors. These amplifiers use the latest solid state transistor technology and are a key component of cell phone jammers. Although the customer's name was not disclosed, industry analysts pointed out that while it may be illegal for civilians to jam radio signals, the US military still encourages jamming enemy transmissions in theaters.

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To prepare for this possibility, the Air Force will seek new research and training methods.

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