Can a full-band signal jammer block 5G radio and television?

Can a full-band signal jammer block 5G radio and television?

With the continuous development of science and technology, the continuous upgrading and popularization of mobile communication technology, it is basically one machine for every hand. When it comes to the communication of mobile phones, I believe many people know the three major mobile phone operators. For the manufacturers of full-band signal jammers, the previous full-band signal jammer also shielded the mobile phones of the three major operators, as well as frequency bands such as WiFi and Bluetooth.
Due to the explosive growth of short video and self-media video industries, video is a very critical business in the current era, especially in the development of 5G. In order to promote the industrial chain and ecological chain of the 5G industry and the ultra-high-definition video industry, the radio and television 5G has been launched, and the specified frequency band is used as the radio and television 5G.

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After the three major operators launched 5G, the full-band signal jammers are in the 5G frequency bands defined by the three major operators, and the specific 5G frequency bands range from 3400-3600MHz and 4800-4900MHz. Manufacturers of full-band signal jammers have made upgrades based on this band range to achieve 5G shielding of the three major operators.

So this time, the radio and television 5G, can the full-band signal blocker be blocked? The industry believes that the 700MHz frequency band used by radio and television 5G is considered to be the golden frequency band in the development of mobile communications. It has the advantages of low signal propagation loss, wide coverage, strong penetration, and low networking cost, and is suitable for 5G underlying networks. . Although the 758-788MHz frequency band divided by radio and television 5G has strong penetrating power, compared with the high-frequency 5G of the three major operators, the full-band signal shielding device has a high-frequency shielding effect in terms of shielding under the general field strength. It is better than the shielding effect of the low frequency band.

After the 5G of the three major operators came out, the full-band signal jammer has achieved 5G shielding. Similarly, although radio and television 5G is the golden frequency band of mobile communication, it can still achieve the shielding of radio and television 5G. As a professional manufacturer of full-band signal jammers, topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved full-band signal jammers for 5G shielding of radio and television, and has tested a number of tests in different signal areas with radio and television 5G. There is no need to worry about radio and television 5G, the full-band signal blocker can completely block it.

A new US Air Force test-jamming simulation project could lead to better training methods and contingency plans for dealing with global positioning system (GPS) malfunctions.

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The US Navy has signed a $27 million contract with Raytheon's Space and Airborne Systems Division to study the technological maturity of next-generation jamming capabilities. The next-generation gps jammer will meet the Navy's airborne electronic attack requirements for current and future threats. Under the terms of the agreement, Raytheon will use its unique combination of multi-beam interference technology and antenna array technology to produce more efficient interference technology. Roy Azevedo, vice president of the Space and Airborne Division, said that the more powerful open architecture of GSM jammers should offer "higher spectrum accuracy, power, speed of response and directionality". Work on this research is being conducted at the Space and Airborne Systems Plant in Goleta, California.

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