Optimal jammer in large areas

Optimal jammer in large areas

There are devices that broadcast radio frequency signals. Used by communication and such jammers. This jammer is designed with ultra-altitude RF transmission high power generation. There are functions such as remote control. Equipped with an ultra-wideband frequency band. It is a cell phone jammer. It may not be possible depending on the usage environment and model. I have seen a multifunctional signal jammer that can block many signals at the same time. It is powered by an electric battery.

A power switch can be given to each of the different frequency bands. An important place has become an overall challenge and a tremendous area of ​​work security. Disables the use of wireless transmission. A portable jammer ideal for indoor or outdoor use in large areas. You can effectively suppress the transmission and reception of signals from various digital devices. It has different sizes, shapes, operating principles and blocking ranges. Effectively blocks Wifi frequencies over a wide range. You can prevent wireless data transmission.

4 Antenna Portable CDMA GSM 3G Mobile Phone Jammer

Increased the effective suppression radius depending on the model. In any situation, you can switch off in terms of range and power, depending on your requirements. You can disable the WiFi network. Use in places like public places. It has a compact structure and functions that are finely combined. You can choose to allow wifi jamming to operate in several frequency bands.

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