Mobile jammers with different attitudes

Mobile jammers with different attitudes

Recently, in a high school classroom, there is a phenomenon of installing a mobile radio jammer. Users, on the other hand, have different attitudes. Some people are worried about the health effects of radiation. Some types have the view that "reducing the phenomenon of using the telephone in class". Schools are a necessary measure to eliminate the use of mobile phones. It does not affect your health. There is a problem installing this signal jammer. The teacher decided to overcome the trouble.

Through these actions, the school is responsible for the students. With the development of market economy and scientific technology, mobile phones have many functions. It is often used in daily life. It has brought us a lot of convenience, but it has the bad side of trouble. Send messages via mobile during the exam. There are situations that have disrupted the teaching activities of the classroom. Use WiFi radio shielding to maintain a normal order of education to ensure the quality of education.

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After installing the cell phone jammer, it will be a separate space. To ensure that it does not affect the health of the students, the school attaches great importance to the quality of the product. Electromagnetic radiation complies with relevant standards. The range of the shield signal is limited to the classroom. Telephone jammers cannot harm the rights of others and the public interest. As we have the right to liberty of our citizens, we cannot exceed that appropriate limit.

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