Signal jammer installation procedure

Signal jammer installation procedure

The use of cell phone jammer is widely used. According to market research, 8-antenna out-of-range equipment is popular. Most customers buy this product. Introducing related information on these models. First, let's talk about the installation skills of this jammer. There is a power supply with a special adapter. See the installation procedure below. I think it will be useful to our customers.

First, open the box and make sure the host and other accessories are complete. Generally, there is a main body, an antenna 8, and an adapter. Then select an area that suppresses the signal and mount it on your desktop or wall in this area. After installation, turn on the WiFi shield. Simply install the phone breaker and then press the power switch to work with the jamming device. You can shut off all mobile phones in the field. You will not be able to make calls.

4 Bands Portable Jammers Jamming GSM 3G GPS WIFI 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz

Check the shielding effect of the telephone signal. This is an important point when installing a deterrent device. It requires the antenna to be installed. You can't forget the power supply. Install the antenna that supports the signal accurately. The cutoff distance of this phone signal jammer is related to the electromagnetic field and the distance from the communication base station.

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