Members of the CPPCC suggested that the junior campus should install a backpack jammer

Members of the CPPCC suggested that the junior campus should install a backpack jammer

Today, with the rapid development of informatization and networking, mobile phones have become an indispensable communication tool for people, and the emergence of smart phones provides convenience for people to obtain information. But the Internet is a double-edged sword. Excessive use will interfere with people's normal study, work, life and interpersonal communication. "Mobile phone control" has become a serious social problem. In this common social phenomenon, young students who are growing It cannot be spared either. CPPCC member Lu Yan suggested that backpack-type jammers should be implemented in the city's junior and senior high schools to shield mobile phone signals, so as to eliminate the negative impact of mobile phones on student groups.

It is irresponsible empty talk to only rely on children's own self-control and not play with mobile phones. "Adults have to rely on institutional restraint, and it is impossible for every child to be self-disciplined." Lu Yan believes that if the use of mobile phones is not restricted on campus, and backpack-type signal blocker are installed, the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages, not only affecting children's learning , will also affect the health of the child. What's more, from the perspective of national development, the next generation cannot be addicted to "Internet poisoning" and cannot extricate themselves.

In view of the phenomenon of students playing mobile phones in class, it is recommended to install backpack-type jammers in the classrooms of junior high schools and high schools in the city to ensure that students are not disturbed by the Internet during class, and to reduce the manpower consumed by schools in catching students to play mobile phones in class, which can alleviate For this reason, students have conflicts with school staff.

Surveying schools: there are many inconveniences in installing backpack jammers

Yesterday, the reporter visited many junior and senior high schools in the city. As for whether the school had considered installing backpack jammers, most of the schools said that many parents had made similar suggestions at the parent-teacher meeting. But there are some obstacles in practice. First of all, if a backpack-type jammer is installed, it needs to be approved by the relevant department, and the school cannot use it without authorization. Secondly, the use of backpack jammers will affect the use of mobile phones by school personnel, and even affect the use of mobile phones by surrounding residents. "We have searched students' schoolbags and desks before, but I am afraid that this situation involves infringing on the privacy of students, and it has never happened again." Teacher Chen from a junior high school told reporters that many parents now equip their children with mobile phones. It is becoming more and more popular among students. Although the school stipulates that students are not allowed to bring mobile phones into the school, whether they can do so depends entirely on the students themselves. Teacher Chen said that students who have mobile phones can't wait to take out their mobile phones to watch when it's time for recess, and some even play secretly during class and pass answers to each other during exams.

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Students: The backpack jammer shields the signal, and they can also play stand-alone games and read e-books

listening to music? play games? Chat QQ? Or is it for the convenience of family members? According to some interviewed students, they mainly use mobile phones for communication (including chatting on QQ, sending text messages on WeChat, contacting parents, etc.) and entertainment (playing games, listening to songs, reading e-books, etc.). However, the main purpose of these students buying mobile phones is still more entertainment, and most of these mobile phones are smart phones.

What do students think if schools set up backpack jammers? In this regard, many students bluntly said that although mobile phones cannot access the Internet, some downloaded stand-alone games, songs, e-books, etc. have nothing to do with whether the backpack jammer is blocked. "Unless the teacher took the phone away and just used a backpack jammer to block the signal, I don't think it's useless."

Parents: Afraid of losing contact, it is recommended to set a backpack jammer shielding time period

In random interviews with reporters, parents generally believed that the key to using mobile phones is the students themselves, especially high school students who are in adolescence and have a particularly strong rebellious mentality. If they have poor self-control, it is really hard to manage. A parent of a high school student told the reporter that for the convenience of communication, he had given his child a mobile phone with the simplest functions, but within a few days the child asked for a high-end mobile phone. After hearing this, not only did they not buy new mobile phones, they even confiscated the old mobile phones. The vanity of children nowadays is really too strong.”

Most parents expressed their support for whether it is necessary to install backpack jammers in schools. When there is no signal, it can effectively control children from playing with mobile phones. However, some parents also expressed concern. Some parents said that if the school sets up a backpack-type jammer, can it control the time period and coverage of the backpack-type jammer? This will not only restrict children from using mobile phones in class It will not let parents lose contact with their children and teachers.

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Will the backpack jammer interfere with residential buildings?

During the investigation, the reporter learned that some elementary and high school teaching buildings in the city are very close to residential buildings. According to the owner of a small shop near a middle school in the urban area, the mobile phone signal around the small shop is very weak during the middle and college entrance examination period. unstable.

Mr. Wang, who is engaged in the communication industry, told reporters that there are many types of backpack jammers. Some backpack jammers have adjustable power, while others are not. If the school buys a non-adjustable high-power backpack jammer, taking the coverage area of 300 meters as an example, it may affect the normal communication of the surrounding residents. Mr. Wang said that the coverage of backpack jammers is calculated in spherical space. If the school wants to shield classrooms, a backpack jammer needs to be placed in a classroom.

The reporter learned that any unit or individual using a backpack jammer requires authorization. According to the "Radio Management Regulations": Except for very special circumstances, backpack-type jammers are not allowed to be installed and used. If the backpack jammer used does not meet the national standards, it will affect the normal communication of the surrounding residents and disrupt the normal communication order.

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