A full-band signal jammer is set up in the examination room

A full-band signal jammer is set up in the examination room

At 9 a.m. on June 7, a reporter from the Yancheng Evening News followed the city's recruiting staff and visited two college entrance examination sites, Yancheng Junior High School and Yulong Road Experimental School. A reporter from the Yancheng Evening News found that each examination room was equipped with a full-band signal jammer. As soon as one entered the teaching building used for the examination, mobile phones and other communication equipment could not receive the signal at all; in the monitoring room of the examination room, the computer screen clearly Display the status of each test room.

examination room jammer

A reporter from Yancheng Evening News visited the first test site, Yancheng Junior High School, and found that as soon as one approached the teaching building, the mobile phone signal would be interfered, making it impossible to communicate with the outside world. According to the staff of the Municipal Admissions Office, every teaching building used for the college entrance examination is equipped with a full-band signal jammer, which can block almost all signals. The reporter took the mobile phone away from the teaching building and tried to restore the signal. He needed to leave the teaching building about 10 meters away.

At the second test site visited on June 7, Yulong Road Experimental School, the discipline of the test room was also strict. Also, a full-band signal jammer is set up in each examination room. In the monitoring center of the school, a reporter from the Yancheng Evening News saw a monitoring device. The TV screen was divided into 4 grids, and each grid showed the situation in the examination room, and they could clearly see every move of the candidates and the invigilator.

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