Introducing mobile phone barriers at hospitals

Introducing mobile phone barriers at hospitals

In the information age of high-speed development, more and more people are using mobile phones. There is a problem with using a smartphone. It is necessary to provide a resting environment for the sick. In addition, mobile phones are required to be turned off when entering a room with precision medical equipment such as an inspection room. Many people forget to cut it. It is necessary to take measures. Therefore, we will introduce a jammer that suppresses the communication function of smartphones at hospitals. The principle of this product is that it generates an interference wave with the same frequency as the base station radio wave received by the mobile phone, which intentionally blocks it, suppresses demodulation on the terminal side, and makes communication impossible.

Currently, there are examples of introducing jammers in other places. This device is used in the case of test sites and concert halls. The safety and effectiveness of the hospital will be verified by related organizations. This device will also be used experimentally in hospitals. Safety measures are embodied. It is a hindrance to the realization of the lifting of the ban on mobile phones. Utilizing a wifi jammer that has the function of making a mobile phone "out of service" only in a specific space. Forces mobile phones to be disabled in the area. You can ensure safety and security.

8 Band 130W 4G 3G WIFI Drone Signal Jammer

Jamming devices installed in hospitals do not affect existing in-hospital communication systems such as in-hospital PHS and telemeters. It is desirable to be a mobile phone jammer authorized as a radio station or experimental station. You can easily buy it on the internet. This device is very effective in hospitals. It has the effect of protecting medical devices from malfunctions caused by the effects of electromagnetic waves emitted from mobile phones. Eliminates troubles caused by using mobile phones. Prevents mobile phone users with bad manners. It provides a quiet environment.

The blocking range of this product may vary depending on the distance of the mobile phone base station. If the base station is far away, the effective range will be large, and if it is close, it will be small. The effective range is also related to the distance and the attenuation due to the shield on the way. I think this device will be useful in hospitals.

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