Introduce a mobile phone radio wave blocking device

Introduce a mobile phone radio wave blocking device

I was a little worried because the issue of cheating using a smartphone has also been talked about about obstructors. I tried to type the actual problem into my mobile email. It's a lot of work. The act of cheating seems to have occurred at the same time as the system of testing began, but it seems that the means are becoming more diverse due to the rapid development of electronic communication means. On the other hand, we have taken measures such as prohibiting mobile phones, considering metal detectors, and checking the names of people who go to the bathroom. Among them, there are products that are attracting attention. It is a mobile phone radio control device that blocks the radio waves of mobile phones. This product is a device that blocks the radio waves of mobile phones by emitting special blocking radio waves.

Actually, it is applied not only for university entrance exams, but also for qualification exams, high school entrance exams, national exams, etc. It means that cheating using mobile phones was found one after another. I think this method of installing a phone signal jammer and temporarily "out of service" the test site is the most effective measure. A radio station license is required to install the device. By emitting a weak radio wave with the same frequency as the radio wave of the notification information from this mobile base station, communication is blocked and subsequent location registration and polling are impossible, so the display of the mobile terminal becomes "out of service area". Communication is suppressed.

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We will also introduce this device around the bank. We will start to restrict the use of mobile phones at the ATM corner. This is an initiative for financial institutions to work together to prevent crime damage such as wire fraud. Multiple financial institutions will jointly install equipment in the ATM corner. It is used as a measure against transfer fraud.

The number of people who want to be able to use mobile phones in hospitals is increasing, but it goes without saying that it is an absolute requirement that an environment that ensures safety and security is in place. There is a problem with the lifting of the ban on mobile phones in the hospital. The GPS jammer approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as an experimental station will also carry out experimental operations in the actual hospital. It is the use of a deterrent device that has the function of making a mobile phone "out of service" only in a specific space. Protects medical devices from malfunctions caused by the effects of electromagnetic waves emitted from mobile phones.

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