Installing "full-band jammers" is a manifestation of being responsible to students

Installing "full-band jammers" is a manifestation of being responsible to students

Recently, some netizens reported to reporters that many classrooms in Shishi No. 3 Middle School and High School are installing "full-band signal jammer " recently. In this regard, netizens have different attitudes. Some netizens are worried that "radiation affects health", and some netizens think that this move will help solve the phenomenon of "students playing mobile phones in class". The school believes that this is a necessary measure to eliminate mobile phone interference in the classroom and will not affect health.

Installing "full-band jammers" in classrooms is a costly, labor-intensive and unflattering task. The leaders and teachers of Shishi No. 3 Middle School will not be unaware of this. They decided to overcome the trouble and implement the installation in the high school. Through this action, what we see is the heavy responsibility of the school to the students.

full band signal jammer

The phenomenon of "playing mobile phones in class" has turned the classroom into a meeting place of various information in the real society and cyberspace. In such an environment, students are prone to become impetuous under the impact of various information. After the "full-band jammer" is installed, external information cannot enter, and the classroom becomes an independent space, restoring its proper functions, and students can concentrate and interact with teachers in the classroom. Therefore, the "full-band jammer" shields impetuousness and leaves silence.

Installing a "full-band jammer" was not a random operation. Judging from reports, the scope of the "full-band jammer" to block signals is limited to the classroom, and as long as you walk out of the classroom, the mobile phone signal will be restored. In order to ensure that the health of students will not be affected, the school attaches great importance to product quality. The "full-band jammer" installed is a qualified product that meets the relevant national standards for electromagnetic radiation and will not affect the human body. Many schools and examination rooms are already using it. It can be seen that when the school is doing this, its attitude is serious and it is responsible to the students.

The scope of the "full-band jammer" shielding signal is limited to classrooms, which shows that the school's actions are moderate and will not harm students' freedom of communication and expression. The exercise of any right has boundaries and cannot harm the rights and public interests of others. The same is true for the freedom of communication and expression enjoyed by citizens in accordance with the Constitution and laws, and they cannot exceed their due limits. If students play mobile phones in the classroom and affect the normal teaching order, it exceeds the limit of their rights and should be restricted.

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