Building a style of study? Full-band frequency jammers installed in university classrooms

Building a style of study? Full-band frequency jammers installed in university classrooms

The classroom is equipped with a full-band frequency jammer, and the teacher only needs to press a button, and all mobile phones will become bricks. Teachers mastering this kind of high technology will undoubtedly make students "chilled".

Students broke the news that teachers can choose full-band frequency jammer to shield mobile phone signals

On the 27th, Liu Shuai, a student of China University of Petroleum (East China), uploaded a photo in his Renren photo album. This photo was taken of the multimedia teaching console in the school classroom. At first glance, it is no different from the multimedia teaching equipment on other university podiums, but as long as you observe carefully, you will find the bright spot: there are two buttons on the console that say the full-band frequency jammer is on and off.

Netizen: What should I do if there is an emergency call or communication?

Most netizens feel that this practice of China University of Petroleum (East China) is "slightly cruel". In the survey conducted by, "Should full-band frequency jammers shield mobile phone signals in class?", the number of netizens who do not support is more than twice the number of supporters.

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The teacher clarifies that it is only used in exams

The reporter found in the Baidu Post Bar—China University of Petroleum East China Bar that some students who stayed in school for self-study in the summer vacation of 2013 witnessed the school installing a full-band frequency jammer in the classroom, and took photos and posted. their intense discussions.

On August 19, Mr. Chen, the director of the Network Center of Shida University, clarified that the so-called full-band frequency jammer, like the camera, was built in conjunction with the standardized examination room, and was only used during the exam, not to enable the full-band frequency jammer shield in normal times. The mobile phone signal is a supplement to the installation of surveillance cameras in classrooms last year. The standardized examination room was built in accordance with the requirements of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education and the Education Department.

Some universities have installed full-band frequency jammers

It is not the only one to install a full-band frequency jammer in the classroom. China University of Petroleum (Beijing) used a full-band frequency jammer in its third teaching building all day in February 2012. It is stipulated that classes start from 8:00 am to noon 11:45pm, 1:30pm to 5:15pm, 6:30pm to 9:10pm, a total of nearly ten hours is the opening time of the full-band frequency jammer. For this reason, some students reported this situation to the Beijing Municipal Education Commission.

In addition, in May 2007, a full-band frequency jammer was also installed in the third teaching building of Fuchengmen Campus of Beijing Technology and Business University. In the building, all mobile phone signals are blocked by a full-band frequency jammer. The school said this is to build a learning atmosphere and prevent students from continuing to answer and call mobile phones during class, but this approach has been questioned by some teachers and students. In May 2006, the Central University of Finance and Economics issued an announcement on its website, saying that the school's teaching building and the lecture hall of the graphic building would install a full-band frequency jammer, and the students were arguing about it. Many media outlets in Beijing published reports on this, which caused widespread controversy in the society.

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