Install signal jammers in the marking room of the college entrance examination

Install signal jammers in the marking room of the college entrance examination

The fairness and justice of the college entrance examination marking is the link that the parents of candidates are most concerned about. "What should I do if the Internet is disconnected? What should I do if there is a power outage?" "How to ensure justice?"... After the representatives of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference inspected the marking points, representatives of the parents of 8 college entrance examination candidates from the four districts and counties of Shanghai Yangpu, Putuo, Fengxian and Chongming yesterday morning They visited the marking center for physics, chemistry and life science subjects at Fudan University, and their most concerned questions were answered.

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A white instrument placed in each marking room attracted the attention of parent representatives. According to reports, this is a signal jammer in the examination room, and the marking teacher must hand in his mobile phone in advance during work, and the marking point is centrally managed to ensure that he cannot communicate with the outside world, nor can he take pictures of computer screens and confidential materials. . In addition, the USB ports on each computer were sealed and no storage devices could be plugged in. It is reported that the computer is also equipped with a protection card, and users cannot save any files by themselves.

At the same time, the test room signal jammer are installed in the data server storage place and the examination paper place. During the working period, there is a video of the whole process of monitoring. Parents can see on the spot that the live reading of each room is transmitted to the monitoring room through a high-definition camera in real time. Not only does the monitoring have no dead ends, but the whole process of video is saved. playback.

The total number of college entrance examination papers this year has reached more than 200,000, and there are countless signal jammers and monitors in the examination room. "What if the power is cut off or the Internet is cut off?" Facing the parents' questions, the relevant person in charge introduced that once the power is cut off, the backup circuit will be activated immediately, and the college entrance examination is marked by a local area network, so there is no risk of network disconnection. There are backup servers to ensure the smooth progress of marking work. As of now, there have been no abnormalities in the marking of the college entrance examination this year.

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